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[HCDX] Logs

Mark  Mohrmann
Coventry, Vt. USA
NRD 535D
V-Beam 140m @180 deg.

BOLIVIA 6585.36 (presumed) Radio Nueva Esperanza, Apr 4, 0850,
Announcer with Spanish talk, into religious preacher, weak signal
with lots of QRN. (Mohrmann-VT)

ECUADOR 4814.98 (presumed) Radio El Buen Pastor, Apr 6, 1019-1035,
Vernacular talks, pop religious songs in Spanish, swiper QRM, fair
to good signal. (Mohrmann-VT)

PERU 6047.14 Radio Santa Rosa, Apr 4/6, 0859-0955, Reactivated?,
religious program with telephone talk, religous songs including
an apparently live announcer suddenly breaking into song, 0939 
canned ID "Radio Santa Rosa transmitiendo desde Lima, Peru." 
followed by ad block, another canned ID and into one of the 
saddest, doleful ballads I've ever heard. Have not seen this
one listed in more than a year. (Mohrmann-VT)

UNIDENTIFIED 2240.00 LA Harmonic?, Apr 6, 0943, announcer with
UTC-5 time check, followed by accordian-flute instrumental, fading
by 0954. (Mohrmann-VT)

UNIDENTIFIED 3000.21 LA Harmonic?, Apr 6, 0926-0936, announcer with
weak talk. (Mohrmann-VT)

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