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Quoting Zacharias <greekdx@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Cland  4220  unIDed   1610 talks by OM in Arabic , mentions on 
> KUrdistan ,1615  a childish song . Signal S2 with fluttering carrier.  
> strong QRM by SITOR . NEarly inaudible reception. Liangas May 8th 
> Thessaloniki  Greece 
> S'PORE 3915 BBC 1632 with news erports . NMice S9 signal  33233 
> Liangas May 8th Thessaloniki  Greece
> INDIA 4895 AIR Kolkata  1632 with religious muisc . OM with reeligious 
> talking in HIndi and English S7 max, 34232 Liangas May 8th 
> Thessaloniki  Greece
Are you sure? This is the frequency of AIR Kurseong.

Reijo Alapiha
Joensuu Finland

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