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LOGS based on  Observer 311 /11 may and some others 

Cland  15585 Radio Pedar 1754 a discussion between a man and a 
woman in farsi.  There is a slight two sideband 'carrier' of 200 Hz  Zach 
Liangas May 11 Thessalloniki Greece On 12.5 just a carrier on *1731 
with S9+10 db signal Audio started 17:34.28 with references to Saudi 
and Iraqi but is not a farsi program (Pushtu?) 

Cland 17660 Sudan Radio Service 1756  talks by several OM  in non 
ID lang presumed as African news [heard KOngo and soem other 
countries] An ID at 1858 and arabic spelling of letters  then numbers  
44444 S9+10  Again tested 1725 on 12.5 with signal max S7 , clear 
channel with OM wirth continuous references to Sudan Zach Liangas 
May 11+12  Thessalloniki Greece

???  15170NF  R FArda in farsi , per Observer 311, Signal is here  just 
S6 on 16 m dipole or 24332 using narrowband filter  , 1521 with talks 
by OM ending  with ID 'R Farda'  then song follows //13870 at 44444 
S9+10 Zach Liangas May 12 Thessalloniki Greece On 13th with S5 

Iran [non] : test for V of Iran on 17525 : NOthing heard on 12&13  . 
Neaither on 11520 

ITALY 11775  RAI in greek 1536-40  with music program (an italian 
song) then man with  identification and closing  Greek program with 
signal S9+30 , 45444 At 1547 while in bulgarian program signal 
lowered to S9 maximum  that a station with hindi programming 
(SLBC?) is heard nearly above RAI. Signal is then heard at 3-
4/4434.CLosed 1600 Zach Liangas May 12 Thessalloniki Greece 

INDIA? S'LANKA ? 1605 ??? with mostly 'dangdut' style indian songs 
and phone ins.41431 at most before 1600 QRM RAI and 43443 after 
1600 slight QRM from 11780. S9+20 at 1647 . Zach Liangas May 12 
Thessalloniki Greece 

China [non]11765 KNLS? 1631 covered by two strong  signals , CNR 
and chinese opera at S9+10 total signal Zach Liangas May 11 
Thessaloniki Greece 

MSIA  9750 V of Islam 1657 , OM reading quranic preaches . YL with 
ID and national anthem. Good signal throwing out R Japan's JJ service 
(43423/S9+10 db ) but signed off after 1700 Liangas May 12 
Thessaloniki Greece 

Cland 15670 V of Oromo Liberation 1742 OM with continuous refs to 
Oromo , Ethipia Africa Tigray in presume  tigrinya .  Nice signal S9+20 
, 44344 Liangas May 12 Thessaloniki Greece 

TANZANIA  5050 R Tanzania 1746 , YL talking abt Palestine.  Songs 
at 1757 S9 34333

Staions tested  with Degen 1102 at 1750-58at May 12th antenna half 
deployed (12.5) 

4010 KIrgizia ,  good signal; talks R75: S9+20 hymns 
5050 Tanzania , good signal 
3915 BBC/Spore good signal 
3316 AIR nearly local signal 
3912 Corea /V salvation? fari to good 
15295 VoM  good ( several secs) but slightly better than R75! 
15150 VoIn (german) good , R75 fair @ S9 

unknown 15500U the supposed INFO radio , is NOT heard on 1500 
1605  1700  on 12.5 

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