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[HCDX] Logs from Argentina

3240,60 Radio Italia, Villa Martelli, Buenos Aires province,
2145-2153, June 26. Spanish. Harmonic 1620,30 x 2.-
ID & ann.: "Radio Italia.....llame ahora al 4709-1172
y publicite en nuestros programas"; italian songs, 34443
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

6035 La Voz del Guaviare, San Jose del Guaviare,
1020-1030, June 27, Spanish.
Local music, ann. by male and ID:
"La Voz del Guaviare....", more local songs, 23222
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

4779,68 Radio Cultural Coatan, San Sebastian Coatan,
1033-1045, June 27, Spanish. S/on, National Anthem,
Complete ID by male as:
"......transmite desde San Sebastian Coatan,
provincia de Huehuetenango......Radio Cultural Coatan...
inicia su transmision...."; after, programme in spanish
conduced by male. Songs ("marimba"), 24332 but in 
a momento, the QSA was 3.-
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

9605U LBJ (p), 2133+, June 26, Arabic,
news by male and talk by same male,23432
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

9980U American Forces Network, ????, 2156-2205, June 26,
English, music programme conduced by female. I could hear
a rap and a pop songs. After, ID by male at 2158.-
In // with 7590U khz!!!!
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)
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