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[HCDX] Logs

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

ARGENTINA, 15345, Radio Nacional, 0135, Soccer, mach between San Lorenzo de Almagro-Olimpo. 24322. (August, 15)

BOLIVIA, 6025, Radio Illimani, 2330, Latinamerican songs, female and male voices, Identification: "Saludos, amigos de Illimani". 24222. (August 14).

BOLIVIA, 5952.5, Radio Pio XII, Male, Spanish, religious comments, very poor signal. 14221. (August 14).

BRAZIL, 9630, Radio Aparecida, 2201, Portuguese, Programme "Encontro DX". 2229 Identification: "A Radio Aparecida presetou Encontro DX, volveremos o próximo sábado a mesma hora". Also on 6135. 24322.(14 August).

BRAZIL, 4875, Super Radio Roraima, 0257, Brazilian songs. 24222. (August 15).

DENMARK, 5815, World Music Radio back on air. 2038-0305, Pop music with sporadic identifications "World Music Radio". Sometimes the transmission cuts off abruptly. Signal fair to good. 35333. (14-15 August).

ITALY, 6060, RAI, 0050, Italian, Programme "Nocturno Italiano", Music and comments, at 0100 News in Italian. (August 15).

LATVIA, 9290, Offshore Music Radio, 1838, Very nice old pop music, Identification: "This is Offshore Music Radio". Advertisements. Female presenting the music. Good signal 45444. (14 August).

PARAGUAY, 9737, Radio Nacional de Paraguay, Female voice, news and comments, Id. "Radio Nacional de Paraguay". Poor signal and bad modulation. 24222. (August 14).

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