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Series of mostly clandestine  logs referenced to WWDXC 684-6 

[Cland? Afghan]17720 R Solh? 1348  with afghan songs,1852 with 
talks by OM in pushtu anf again with music and passing 1400 At abt 
1415(not noticed time) with numerous IDs of Sol[h ]and at 1446 biz 
MHZ Sign off at 1500 
Again on 27th on *1330 with ID carousel  type 'Da Afghanistan Islami 
Intepali dowlet ' in presume Pushtu  followed with songs 44444 S9 
LIangas 26+ 27 October Thessaloniki Greece 

USA 5050 0310 old songs acapella type , talks by OM in EG , possibly 
religious talks , 34132 S6 Liangas 25 October Thessaloniki Greece 

Cland 4860 'V of Kurdistan Iran' 0315 Man in emphatic talks in Kurdish  
with 'Kurdistani Iran' . Many mentions on Kurdistan .Iran , Imperialism 
Signal level S6 with strong statics ( possibly local QRN) up to S9 , 
34242  ALso again 1625 on 29 with Kurdish  music ,'Du R Kurdistani 
Iraqi' heard on 1630 by YL but Iran heard better on  next words  
QRMIng AIR but in 'Farsi' language. Quite trebled audio over bassy 
Hindi program. Quite emphatic talks  333x3    Liangas 27 October 
Thessaloniki Greece 

DENMARK 5815 WMR 0321 pop song with rave type song at 0322 - 
quite bassy audio!- S9 ,44343 Again on 1708 with  rock type song AND 
SIGNAL s9 Liangas 27 October Thessaloniki Greece 

SUDAN? 7200 Omdurman? 0323 YL talking in Arabic followed by 
'Horn of Africa' type songs  truncated again by YL's talks abt  
Ramadan- followed by reports S3, 33433 Liangas 27 October 
Thessaloniki Greece 

Cland 15660 R Melate Iran 1434 talks by YL . At 1447 head music 
followed by talks of YL . S8  strong QRM by jammer Liangas  28 
October Thessaloniki Greece 

Cland 15195 Salaam Watandar 1330 with ID . Tune in again on 3 mins 
with  news program mentioning America 44433LIangas  28 October 
Thessaloniki Greece 

Cland 17870 R Rhino Intl 1520+ O talking abt opposition on Uganda At 
1530 QRM from VOA Georgian service and sign off 44444 Liangas  28 
October Thessaloniki Greece 

Cland 12015 Minivan??? 1714 with talks by OM in presume Divehi 
(unknown lang to me) . Minivan heard between talks S9+10 db and 
more clearly  on 1742  Mention of web site , .friendsofmaldives,  Ye 
MInivan R , shortwaves , many references to Minivan  station and a 
song on 1757 44444 LIangas  28 October Thessaloniki Greece 

Zacharias Liangas , Thessaloniki Greece 
Pesawat penerima: ICOM R75 , Lowe HF150 , Degen 1102 , Chibo 
Yupi 7000 , 
Antenna: 16m hor, 2x16 m V invert, 1m australian loop 

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