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[HCDX] Logs

SUDAN  4750  Radio Peace, location? 0230 to 0300 tune in with yl giving
regarding cease fire, "....cease fire leaves Sudan in a very unfortunate

state". Om with strong ID 0242 "This is Radio Peace". Into variety
music, one
selection similar to hi life, other beautiful African vocals, 20
[Wilkner FL]

BRAZIL 5045 Radio Guarujá Paulista, Guarujá  2355-0000  "...dos mil onda
.... Radio Guarujá Paulista" ID at tune in. 18 November [Wilkner FL]

PERU  4835.42 Radio Maranon, Jaen 1000 - 1030 "Radio Maranon ... en todo
vida..." ' Buenos Dias de Radio Maranon" 18 November [Wilkner FL]

AUSTRALIA  4835  Alice Springs very strong signal from Radio Maranon
fade out
till 1120 every day since Thursday. Armchair copy on 2010 with whip
Tnx Valko for original log.[Wilkner FL]

        Best of 73's


Bob Wilkner
Pompano Beach Florida
Icom R 75, Drake R7 Sony 2010, and NRD 535D

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