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[HCDX] HCDX logs between 2004-12-10 0000 UTC and 2004-12-11 0000 UTC

Hard-Core-DX.com logs from 2004-12-10 0000 UTC to 2004-12-11 0000 UTC

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   567 Dec 9 1828-1834 Italy: RAI Radio 1, Caltanissetta (37 14). Local
   program in Italian for Sicily, - SINPO 33343 - RAI Radio 1 is using
   the Caltanissetta's 567 kHz MW transmitter for regional programs at
   6:20; 11:20 13:30 18.30 UTC. Best hour for dxing from North America
   and East Asia is 6:20 UTC.
   http://www.international.rai.it/radio/ondemedie/index.shtml - 73's -
   Nino Marabello -Treviso,Italy - RX: SANYO M-1750K - Antenna: MW
   indoor. navaiowhite


   12594.5 Dec 7 2012-2015 Bahrein: A9M Manama Radio. DE Marker: DE A9M
   TLX (CW). Rodolfo Tizzi - URG - Kenwood TS-440SAT+ 28 mHz half wave

   12603  Dec 7 2016-2019 United Kingdom (England): Lincolnshire Poacher.
   YL  EE w/ 5 digit groups. QRM SVO Olympia Radio (USB). Rodolfo Tizzi -
   URG - Kenwood TS-440SAT+ 28 mHz half wave vertical

   15034  Dec  7 2237-2246 Canada: Trenton Military Aeradio. Wx rpt by OM
   (the  same  of New York Aeradio). ID at 2240: This is Trenton Military
   (USB).  Rodolfo  Tizzi  -  URG  -  Kenwood TS-440SAT+ 28 mHz half wave

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