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[HCDX] Update for the Pirate Radio Address List PWDB

Update for the Pirate Radio Address List PWDB

I just finished the latest update for my address list ..

Or How to join the distribution list for the PWDB-Files ?         

Pirate Radio Address List 'Piraten.WdB'         
via http://www.schoechi.de/pwdb.html        

The Pirate Radio Address List 'Piraten.WdB' contains         
information about more than 2800 SW and MW pirates        
from 1994-2004. It is available in a weekly updated        
printed  version for 5 or 7,5 Euro (depending on your        
location and the method of delivery).          

Or you can get access to the electronic version of the list   
(as a PDF version, updated ca. every 3 weeks)   
for an annual subscription of 3 USD      
(or 2 years for 6 USD/5 EUR).       

Of course you can also combine the access    
to PWDB with the access to my    
QSL Information Pages QIP.   
The address list has the same prices as QIP.   

So if you send in 3 USD you test both (QIP    
and PWDB) for 6 month, for 6 USD / 5 Euro    
you can use them both for 12 month.   

I prefer PayPal payments to yahoo@xxxxxxxxxxx   
Please do not use credit cards for PP payments !   
Othwerwise just send 5 EUR note to my P.O.Box   
in Eisenach.  

A free and detailed E-mail- and WWW- address-list    
of pirates from around the world can be found via the    
address http://www.schoechi.de/pwdb.html too   

So if you do want access to the list fill in your e-mail        
into the regarding box at         


and please also send me a short personal mail. 

Martin Schöch, Eisenach   

Martin Schoech - PF 101145 - 99801 Eisenach - Deutschland
E-mail : radio[a]schoechi.de Web : http://www.schoechi.de

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