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[HCDX] Re: Venezuelan radio

Hello !

This is not a bad news. When I listen to Kys FM on the Internet I only hear
maybe 1% of Venezuelan music (the only YV artists I hear are Los Amigos
Invisibles and Franco Devita) and a lot of Spanish pops from Mexico,
Colombia, Spain and other countries along with lots of International
pop/rock music. I'd like to hear more Venezuelan pop-rock/AC music, but I
thing there isn't much material in this country for this category. Most of
YV music is salsa, merengue or llanera. Maybe Kys FM will start to play some
llanera music to enter the 50% law. Personnally, I like all the kinds of
music, but from an objective point of view, this will homogenize the radio
stations and their music like it is here in Quebec where you have a 65%
French speaking music regulation along with the 35% Canadian content. You
can hear CHR Canadian artists like Sugar Jones or Sky on CFQR (Q92) wich is
a soft-AC station and wich makes Q92 sounds quite similar to Mix 96 wich is
Top 40/CHR.

What can happen with this law is that Kys FM will loose their Adult
Contemporary format just as CKMF 94.3 (from the Radio Mutuel network, now
called radio énergie) did loose their dance music format in the early 90's
because there wasn't any French artists that played Latin freestyle, house,
techno, etc and switched to Top 40 (wich they still are 'till this day
except for a few hours evenings and week-end afternoons when they the Happy
Hour modern and classic rock show - there is much more French and especially
Quebecous rock music than dance one).

While I love Venezuelan music, putting a content of 50% YV music is a big
obstacle for plurarisation and will obviously make some people be less

73 and good DX !,
Bogdan from Pierrefonds-Est/West Island of Montreal, QC
Btw.: A few days ago I had Radio Rebelde on 600 and RVC-530 on the
car-radio. Otherwise extremely poor conditions generally speaking and lots
of noise in my house wich make low-band seems almost COMPLETLY dead. On the
SW bands is better though with Radio Educacíon putting nice signals along
with Radio Rebelde on 5025. Also got Radio Havana Cuba on 6060, a new one (I
was looking for RAI out of Caltassinetta in Sicily) !

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