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I thought the following would be of igeneral interest to all. New to this service is the remote HF transceiver capability....de Wayne/WA6FXL

Hi Fellow Member,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Welcome to our Christmas 2004 DXTuner newsletter.

The BIG news this season at DXTuners is our Live Transceiver in southern Sweden. Kelly has set up a live ham rig with transmitting and receiving capability. Use of this site will be for licensed ham or amateur radio operators only. The rig is an Icom-718 transceiver, using 80/40/20/15/10 meter loop antenna, putting out 100 watts. Lots more info on the Live Transceiver is at our webpage: Our link is as usual http://www.dxtuners.com

Now for other radio site news:

Broome:  An EWE super antenna, pointing due east to Oceania and South America (long-path to Africa) will be installed here very soon. This will be temporarily hooked up to the current Icom PCR-1000 along with the discone. Later Kai plans to bring another rig online for a new Broome super DX site. Broome is very near Indonesia, and a favorite already with many of our members.

Hungary: New Radio site. The receiver used is the Icom PCR-1000, with an x-dipole for an antenna. And, as a bonus, the site-op plans to set up an additional site soon, Hungary FM DX.

North Devon: This FM DX site will soon be using a Triax 8-element pointed at Ireland. The Icom R-10 and an FM-dipole antenna are currently in use. We are told that when skip is good sometimes you can hear Spain from here.

New Orleans: Site-op here is working on a rotator project for a Super FM site.
Southern Louisiana is a hot-spot for long-distance tropo FM skip.

Chicago 2: A new PCR-1000 is going to be launched on another location in Wheaton Illinois. More info on this upcoming node later.

Pennsylvania: Another new planned site is central Pennsylvania, USA with Icom
718 or TenTec RX-320.

East Taunton, Massachusetts (MA): Planned new rig TS-570D. We have not yet
developed the driver for this rig yet, but will be in the near future.

Kennett, Missouri: Planned PCR-1000.

DX Beacon/LW- Sweden- This is a test project, and preliminary tests on the new antenna are very encouraging.The NDB Beacon DX-Tuner is now up and operational with an Inverted L + 10:1 balun. DXTuners would appreciate input on this project, including antennas. Please keep in mind that not only can you listen to far-away beacons here, you can also listen to longwave commercial broadcasts. The low stream audio feature is for the DSP filter, very helpful with the beacons, and the medium stream audio works best for longwave broadcasts 153-279 KHz.

Demo HF Professional- This receiver site is now using the Icom R-75 with DSP unit connected to a 20 meter quad. This site is a favorite with ham ops.

North Europe VHF- This site was formerly Oresund. One reason this one is in the "special" category is the discone antenna is very high, 20 meters. The antenna reaches far on any band, but especially on HF, FM, TV audio etc.

London West- Radio here now features a slow stream audio which will be helpful to those members with slower connections.

We also have possible upcoming receivers in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Denmark, as well as the Hungary FM Supersite and New Orleans FM supersite.

Kathmandu - This is a very remote site, and the 2 site-ops are working to resolve some technical issues. They ask for our patience while they work to get things fixed.

On a serious note, we would like to ask all of our fine members to please ask before tuning the radios, and use the chat box. Please respect other listeners.

DXTuners has a worldwide network of close to 60 radio locations, and with only 2 sites offline at time of writing, reliability of radio sites is very good. Our site-ops are upgrading all the time. And now DXTuners has a live ham transceiver. It is fun to imagine what 2005 has in store for our DXTuner listeners.

DXTuners would like to wish all of our members a joyful holiday season.

Have fun and stay tuned.

Brad Wall / Editor
DXTuners Support Team http://www.dxtuners.com

If you do not want to receive our newsletter you can login to your account and select "settings" above the radio. Just untick "Newsletters" and press save.

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