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[HCDX] Beverage antenna

After a storm with winds the other day, I went out to check my Eastern
beverage. I found a few brambles blown over on it, but otherwise it was
fine. I have found the past few months the gain is down and maybe the
directivity is off a bit too. I checked my matching transformer and the
connections did not look too good. So I took an ohm meter and I found
continuity between the two sections. I was not getting much, but still
some crossover. My first thought was the coax, but in disconnecting the
coax, I found it is fine. No resistance between the braid and the hot
lead. But there was resistance between the to sections of the matching
transformer. I always have a spare made up just in case. I found some
bugs got in and made a nest and the connections were not great, so I
replaced the matching transformer and I must have gained 5-10 DB, per
the R8 S Meter. The directivity is much better too.  So it pays to check
your antenna connections especially in a wet swampy area like this. Even
using a sealed box, things can happen.



Patrick Martin
Seaside  OR
KAVT Reception Manager

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