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[HCDX] Logs and QSL from NH-USA, week ending Dec.12

3390, SIKKIM, AIR Gangtok, 1103-1114; 1121-1145,
Dec.11, Vernacular, Weak talks poking thru static at
initial t/in, tried again at 1121 to hear definite
Hindi music,  brief announcer at 1125, more music
until 1130 then talks until music at 1140. Signal then
becoming weak; unusable by 1145. Fair at 1121 t/in,
becoming poor. Very, very pleased to log this. Been
trying for 2 years.(Barbour-NH)

4010, KYRGYZSTAN, (p)Kyrgyz R, 0005-0040, Dec.11,
Vernacular, Very weak announcer at t/in, instrumental
music sounding like Stevie Wonder's, "I just called to
say I love you" followed by "tinny' stringed
instruments and chant-like/sing-song vocals. The best
I can describe it as is "Ko'ran" like. A YL announcer
was noted briefly at t/in, 0015; 0018 and again at
0031. Fading out after 0030; gone by 0040. Poor/weak
under static.

4850, INDIA, AIR Kohima, 1144-1207, Dec.5, Vernacular,
Choral-like music w/ whisper quiet talks at 1150, ID
at 1200 followed by talk thru t/out. Fair; noisy after
1200. (Barbour-NH)

5005, NEPAL, (p)R.Nepal, 1154-1205, Dec.11,
Vernacular, Flute/wind instruments w/ vocals,
whisper-quiet talk at 1158, single pip and wind
instruments at 1200, talk b/w mx bits. Poor/weak.
Couldn't stay w/ it as I had to go to work.

6080, SINGAPORE, RSI, 1111-1132, Dec.5, English,
"Connections" prg. re U.S. and S.E.Asian economic
policies, "Comments" prg. re India reality/talent TV
shows; "Discovering Singapore" re 3 year restoration
of Nat'l Museum of Singapore. Several ID's noted. Fair
at best; // 6150-weaker. (Barbour-NH)

9675, BRAZIL, (p)R.Cancoa Nova, 2146-2200, Dec.7,
Portuguese, presumed "Vox do Brazil" w/ numerous
mentions of Sud America; Brasil and Caracas,Venezuela.
Wiped out at *2200 by VOA-9670. Fair at best.

9870, MONACO, TWR, 0858-0920*, Dec.8, English,
Continuous religous talks re "J.C. the high priest".
Cut-off at 0915 for instrumental music and IS at 0916
and 0919. No ID or announcements. Fair. (Barbour-NH)

15295, MALAYSIA, VOM, 1211-1230*, Dec.7, Mandarin, YL
at t/in followed by ballads, with lenghty pauses b/w
selections, through s/off w/ out ID or announcements.
Fair w/ 15300 slop. (Barbour-NH)

15515, UAE, Gospel for Asia relay, 1310-1331, Dec.7,
Vernacular, Religous talks ending with POB contact
info; sounded like mention of "Katmandu,Nepal".
Musical intro at 1313, brief YL, more religous talks
ending with different POB info,though couldn't copy
more than a partial postal code. Fair. (Barbour-NH)


UAE, 15195, Salaam Watandar, p/d "FM Coverage Map" w/
site and power in 42 days for $2 and an EG rpt sent
direct to the Internews Afghanistan, Kabul address.
Nice "WHO" Afghan stamps and "Internews Afghanistan"
seal on envelope. (Barbour-NH)

Scott R Barbour Jr-Intervale,NH-USA
R75, 200ft. NE and NW Beverages.

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