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[HCDX] Gabon Logging from West Coast USA

GABON 4777, 0513-0533, RTV Gabonaise, Libreville Dec 12 I tuned in at 0513
which is a half hour past Libreville sunrise, but Gabon was still coming in
fairly well. Selections of African highlife music were heard, with frequent
remarks by a hyper announcer in French, including mentions of Libreville and
Gabon. The signal became much tougher copy at 0530 as the terminator moved
further west. This should definitely be stronger on the West Coast prior to
0445 or so. Good to hear this one back on the air! Thanks to Mike
Barraclough for tip. (Atkins-WA)

Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA USA
ICOM IC-756Pro & mod. ICOM R-75
Kiwa MAP / ERGO / DSP-59+
450 & 700 ft. Beverage Antennas

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