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[HCDX] RTI is looking for new monitors for 2005!

RTI is looking for new monitors for 2005!
RTI's English Service will be selecting nine new monitors for 2005. Each
monitor will be given an official certificate and gift as an expression of
our appreciation. Monitors for 2004 received a silk scarf from the renowned
National Palace Museum.

Responsibilities:  Monitors will be responsible for writing three
comprehensive and clearly-written reception reports each month for one year
from January 1-December 31.

Qualificiations: Monitors will be selected based upon quality of reception
reports, dedication, and geographical location. The final qualification is
to assure that we have monitors in different locations.

Application: All interested applicants should email as soon as possible  to
or send us a letter at: English Service P.O. Box 24-38, Taipei, TAIWAN ROC
Monitors will be announced: on the Internet and in "Mailbag Time" in early
January, 2005.

(RTI Website)
Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi.
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