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[HCDX] Radiokanal Sodrurzhestvo on 972 kHz

December 15 I heard a Russian radio station Radiokanal Sodrurzhestvo on 972 kHz at 1430 UTC broadcasting from the Ukraine. Under normal conditions the dominating station on this frequency is NDR Info from Hamburg. I sent an inquiry on Radiokanal to my Ukrainian friend Vlad Titarev. 

I´m referring Vlad. "Kanal Sodrurzhestvo... i.e. branch of VOR intended to CIS. Sodrurzhestvo = Commonwealth.The transmitter is RTT´s (Ukrainian telecom org holding ALL government facilities on HF/AM/FM)...transmitter is in Kopani (300 km south of Kremenchuk) i.e. near Mykolayiev city. To stay strictly AM part of this site is known as Lutch, HF part, Kopani. Those are nearby villages".

73´s to all and TNX Vlad!

Jouko Huuskonen
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