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[HCDX] Not Actually OT: Sound and Noise

One thing we all share in common as lovers of radio is an appreciation of sound. Unfortunately, the program which is the subject of the short essay you can read by clicking on the link below is not available on-demand. I was fortunate to catch the program purely by accident (I call this "serendipitous") because I was in my car, have Sirius Satellite Radio, was tuned to the PRI World stream and it happened to be playing CBC Radio One's "Ideas" program. ("Ideas" is one of my all time favorite programs and its addition to the PRI World line-up reinforced my conviction that I made the right decision when I went with Sirius as my satellite radio service provider.)

Maybe something in this essay will strike a "responsive chord" in you. Enjoy!


And Merry Christmas.

John Figliozzi
Halfmoon, NY

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