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[HCDX] Logs from NH-USA, week ending Dec.18

3905, PAPAU, R.New Ireland, 1208-1233, Dec.17,
Vernacular/English, Local pops/island music and phone
call. up-beat Lionel Richie cover tune followed by
native reggae, ballad and pop music w/ YL b/w
selections until overtaken by USB traffic at 1233.
Fair at t/in. (Barbour-NH)

3976, INDONESIA-KALIMANTAN, RRI Pontianak, 1111-1137,
Dec.18, Indonesian, Continuos Indo ballads, IS-? loop
at 1129 (4 piano notes),announcer at 1130 thru t/out.
Poor but audible under constant USB chatter. Been a
while since I've heard this one. (Barbour-NH) 

3990, CHINA, Gannan PBS?/Xijiang PBS?, 1141-1202,
Dec.18, Vernacular, "Persian"-like vocal music,
announcer then back to music at 1150 w/ talk over,
Pips/ (p) ID over flutes and wind instruments at 1200.
Poor w/ USB chatter WRTH lists Gannan "as 1332 kHz"
and Xijiang "Nov-Apr.only" Any clues? (Barbour-NH)

4460, CHINA, CPBS Beijing, 1255-1305, Dec.17,
Mandarin, OM and YL w/ talks, music bridge, pips and
ID at 1300 followed by talks. Poor, battling with ute
for dominance.

4830, MONGOLIA, (t)Mongolian R., 1112-1138, Dec.17,
Mongol?/English, Choral-like music and disco-era EG
pops including "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees. Music
cut off for brief announcer at 1130 into alternating
talks b/w OM and YL over wind-instruments and strings.
"Wailing" vocal music w/ talk over at 1133 continuing
thru t/out. Poor under static. Tentatively // 4895 at
1127 though inconclusive w/ AIR Kuresong O/C and
eventual s/on. Need to check // earlier. (Barbour-NH)

4835, PERU, (p)R.Maranon, 1025-1037, Dec.14, Spanish,
Very weak music and talks under static. Possible ID at
1028 but too weak to copy. (Barbour-NH)

4895, INDIA, AIR Kuresong, 1102-1138, Dec.12,
Vernacular, Banter b/w two YL's and listener call-in,
promo w/ pop-like music and flutes at 1130 followed by
Hindi ballads. Thought this might be Malaysia but WRTH
shows Kuresong w/ *1030-Sundays. Weak but improving by
1130. (Barbour-NH)

5952.5, BOLIVIA, R.Pio Doce, 0945-1000, Dec.14,
Spanish, Talks over music, "Pio Doce, Pio Doce"
jingle, more talk then ad string beginning at 0956.
Acoustic jingle at 1000 when WYFR-5950 splatter became
too much. Surprisingly fair at t/in. (Barbour-NH)

Scott R Barbour Jr-Intervale, NH-USA
R75, 200 foot NE and NW Beverages

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