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[HCDX] Latest Recordings 22/12: 3279.54 kHz La Voz del Napo

Quito 22/12 2004

*** Wednesday edition:
*** Recording of 3279.54 kHz La Voz del Napo,

This is my first recording of a shortwave station
made with my new DSP radio Ten-Tec RX 350D. I had
problems at first with the synchron-detector but
after I made a so called "hard reset"(back to
factory settings) it´s working wonderful.

On this recording made this wednesday morning you
can listen to a very nice song-ID from Radio
María - as you know LV del Napo is relaying "Rdio
María Ecuador"many hours every day.

Comments and recordings at:

73s Bjorn Malm, Quito, Ecuador

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