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[HCDX] Messy shack photo !

Here's the current status of K9RZZ ... a mess !


On shelf, left to right: Yaesu FT221R, FT767gx, FT736R, FL2100b, and 
unfinished 6m amp project on the far right.

Under shelf, PC monitor (old!), 2 solid state amps stacked in the back for 6 
and 2m with rotator control on top, bolted under the shelf are the Autek 
keyer, 6m pre-amp, HF SWR meter, HF SWR meter, on table to the right is the upside 
down power supply for the unfinished 2m amp project on the far right.

Under the table is the car battery that runs the VHF amps.

The other half of the table extends to the left that has my Palstar R30, Icom 
R71a, and other gear.  Photo of that next time! (maybe I'll straighten up a 
bit first).


John Wilke
Milwaukee, WI
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