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[HCDX] TocobagaDX #76

23 December, 2004
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© 2004, Terry L Krueger.  Retransmit or quote all or any
portion only with full credit given to TOCOBAGA DX and all
attributed sources.  All frequencies are in KHz unless
otherwise stated.  Times/dates in GMT/UTC unless otherwise stated.

1050 MEXICO XEQOO Radio Pirata, Cancún, Quintana Roo; 1151 Dec. 23.  T/in to
The Beatles "Ballad Of John & Yoko," slogan ID, into No Doubt song.  Recheck
at 1158 w/ vocal XE national anthem in progress.

1210 CUBA Radio Sancti Spiritus, Sancti Spiritus, Sancti Spiritus; 1121 Dec.
23, good in passing w/ ID by M, W w/ talk about upcoming music pgm.

1290 FLORIDA WJNO, West Palm Beach; 1124 Dec. 23, M mentioning upcoming
football game and "NewsTalk 1290, WJNO..."

1350 MEXICO unID; 1133-1222 Dec. 23, seemingly an XE w/ a mix of XE and amor
ballads, "Estación --- 13-50" at 1133.  M after every 2nd song with "---
13-50" slogan.  XECAH La Popular 13-50 from Cacahoatán, Chiapas would be
nice, but needs more work.  Totally lost by 1222.

1460 FLORIDA WQXM "La X," Bartow; 1225-1402 Dec. 23.  Initially thought this
was a Mexican, but not fading out.  Mostly XE vocals (a few more generic
ballads thrown in), occasional brief talk by M.  At 1258, canned "WQXM [in
English], Bartow, La Equis." and back to XE music.  Caught the same ID at
1400.  DFed ESE on the Scotka loop.  Format still listed as Country on

1460 FLORIDA WZEP, DeFuniak Springs; 1233-1250 Dec. 23.  This one faded up
and dominated for awhile w/ Walton County news items, wx ("high 44-48...
from the Florida Weather Center... WZEP-AM" and W proudly announcing six
recent deaths, which the M proceeded to read the obit details, including
reference to a presumed funeral home at "101 Park Street, Niceville."  DX
for me (not for you Gerry Bishop!).  

1480 FLORIDA WVOI, Marco Island; 0952 Dec. 23.  Promo for "Marco In the
Morning" and "Good Time Oldies" slogan.

1500 VENEZUELA YVRZ Radio 2000 AM, Cumaná, Sucre; *0956-1030 Dec. 23.  Great
catch for me -- t/in to nice choral version of YV national anthem followed
by M "Radio 2000 AM" and into commercials, SP MoR vocals, frequent slogan
ID's between songs (sometimes just "Radio 2000."  At 1028, long string of
commercials w/ prices in Bolívares. 

1580 FLORIDA WSRF, Ft. Lauderdale; 0923 Dec. 23.  Mostly dominating the
channel w/ Kreyol pgm of kompas, M.  First time I recall hearing Kreyol
(usually Caribe English pgming).  Despite an NRC report that this one is on
its' deathbed and running on STA at around 200 watts, it's always a good
copy here -- about 200 miles NNE of xmtr site.

1670 FLORIDA City of Boynton Beach (MIS); 0917 Dec. 23.  Briefly faded up
and alone w/ computer-man NOAA West Palm Beach-area weather audio.  Presume
the one based on others' logs.  The GA station recaptured the channel after
a couple of minutes.

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