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[HCDX] Logs

4508.99 22:26 UNID tent. Italy 3rd harmonic, italian pop mx 24.12.2004 SINPO
25444 (first noted 05.12.2004 at 16:36, confirmed // 1503)

6020 10:50 UNID, instrumental mx (romantic asian style), must be someone
using a relay e.g. in Germany 24.12.2004 SINPO 44544

6155 22:25 Österreich 1, Austria, German texts by Rilke, classical mx
24.12.2004 SINPO 45544

7210 22:44 CBC Cyprus, typical instrumental ID mx, s.off sINPO 54544, After
s.off, CRI in spanish, SINPO 45544 24.12.2004

7244.55 22:57 RN Angola, (causing strong heterodyne with CRI before 22:57),
portug. songs, 23:00 TS, tent. ID, jingle, portug tx, mentioning Natal
(Christmas) and pagamento (payment) very often. 24.12.2004 SINPO 22432
(splatter from 7240 / 7250) up to 24433. 

7410 All India Radio, 22:29 E GOS ID, QRGs, Good bye, 22:30 ID, "the news,
read by...", s.off after 10 seconds of nx 23.12.2004 SINPO 45544

9745 22:30 HCJB Ecuador, typical Andes mx, male tx (Quechua) 24.12.2004
SINPO 13432

Günter Lorenz, currently near Pavia, North Italy
Icom R75, 30 m Longwire

Merry Christmas!

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