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[HCDX] Tsunami monitoring

** INDIA. ANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISLANDS. 4760, 0005, AIR Port Blair (tentative),
Indian songs, OM talks, 26.12.2004, SINPO 24332 (Günter Lorenz, currently near
Pavia, North Italy, Icom R75, 30 m Longwire, HCDX via DXLD)

This was less than an hour before the earthquake and tsunami hit. Nominal
sign-on is 2355 UT; I doubt it will be on now. Altho there are some other
cities near the east coast, the only major city right on the coast is Chennai
(ex-Madras). On the dx_india list, Alokesh Gupta forwarded a press report that
AIR Chennai was flooded.

Nominal sign-on times, per WRTH 2005:
Chennai 4920 *0015
Chennai 7270 *0025 [tests]

It may well be that many unaffected AIR stations elsewhere in India will be on
extended emergency schedules.

I haven`t heard any specific news about Kolkata, Dhaka, BANGLADESH, and Yangon,
MYANMAR, but let`s hope their positions somewhat inland, altho on the water,
will have diminished tsunami damage.

** INDONESIA. Banda Aceh was closest to the epicenter, but RRI here and other
west-coast Sumatera cities such as Sibolga and Padang, have been off SW for
some time.

** SRI LANKA. Of the SW transmitter sites here, DW`s Trincomalee is on the east
coast and likely to have been hit by the tsunami; is anyone hearing normal DW
relays as scheduled here? Fortunately, Colombo is on the west side (Glenn

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