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[HCDX] Re: [mwc] Another one bites the dust

 --- Martin Elbe <elbe@xxxxxxxxxxxx> skrev: 
> Hi,
> Klaus Schneider reported today in the austrian list
> A-DX, that from
> today onwards RTL Luxemburg will run DRM tests on
> 1440 khz in the
> timeslot between 0000 and 0350 hrs UTC.
> Another free channel now offering KCHCHKKCHKK only
> instead of
> DX-possibilities. Looks to me, as if we MW-DXers are
> facing the last
> season of our hobby, with DRM being the nail to the
> coffin. Or what do
> you think, how will our hobby look like in one year
> from now, when the
> first DRM-receivers are hitting the market?
> Just a week ago that Voice of Russia started DRM on
> 693 kHz, now the
> next buzzer coming around the corner.
> -- 
> 73 Martin

Another one to bite the dust is the Japanese Radio
Nuevo Mundo magazine which has just published its
319th and last issue. Their demise shows that DXing is
no longer what it used to be. 

Henrik Klemetz
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