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[HCDX] Logs and info

ARGENTINA. (harmonic). 4290h (1430x3) R. Ilusiones, Berazategui, Prov. B.A, 2330 ID by man, SP ballads.
QRK 4. (Nigro-Uruguay, Dec 25)

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC. 9590 R. Bangui, 1958. Man in vern w/ fast talk. QRK 2, QSB
(Nigro-Uruguay, Dec 25)

PERÚ. 4386 R. Imperio, Chiclayo, 0023 Chicha mx interspersed by talks by man "...la parte Norte de
nuestro querido Perú", TC, ID on passing: "... a través de Imperio radio". QRK 2. (Nigro-Uruguay, Dec 26)

PERÚ. 4486 R. Frecuencia V-H, Celendín, 0029. Chicha and huaynos, Man w/ TC: "...la hora exacta
en todo el país". lively flutes, followed by "comunicados", ID on passing. QRK 2 (Nigro-Uruguay, Dec 26)

URUGUAY. 9620 nominal, SODRE, Montevideo. Inactive since at least the last weekend.
6045 R. Sarandí Sport, Montevideo, seems to be inactive. Always had poor modulation strength.
6140 R. Montecarlo, inactive since at least a month.
Nothing hrd of R. Banda Oriental, Sarandí del Yí; R. Universo, Castillos; and the other SW outlet
for Radio Montecarlo (9595), neither 11735, R. Oriental, Montevideo.
6010, Em. Ciudad de Montevideo, hrd during local middays (more or less 1300-1600), good.

Remarks: loggings made with a Kenwood R600, (used condition) (this Xmas Santa Claus gift!), + 15 randomwire.


Best 73


Horacio A. Nigro

Conectese mas rapido y ahorre hasta un 50% Tel. 0909.2030 ______________________________________________________ http://www.internet.com.uy - En Uruguay somos internet

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