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[HCDX] 6310 : kurdish pop channel

Did anyone noticed this station? 

Yesterday 29 and today 30 i have heard  a station on 6310  only 
playing kurdish or turkish pops . There is seldom any ID during 
programming ON 1547 29.12 heard soemthing  as 'R fox "  or R Studio 
on 1800 30.12 

today 30.12 on 1955 and still  in operation.
Signal is S6-7  but rated as 3433[3-4]

Did anyone noticed this station or found more info? Zacharias Liangas 
, Thessaloniki Greece 
Pesawat penerima: ICOM R75 , Lowe HF150 , Degen 1102 , Chibo 
Yupi 7000 , 
Antenna: 16m hor, 2x16 m V invert, 1m australian loop 

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