KGA:n uusi sijainti
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KGA:n uusi sijainti

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Oheinen tieto KGA:n muutosta oli hard coressa:

>On the subject of this Spokane project:  We are moving KGA and KJRB to a
>new transmitting site six miles south of Spokane.  The new installation
>will have five towers, shared by the two stations.  KGA will use two towers
>during the day, and two different towers at night.  KJRB will use three
>towers during the day, and four towers at night.  Not only is this a big
>project, but a very complex one, as well. When completed, both stations
>will have different radiation patterns than formerly.  This will make them
>both "new" stations, in terms of DX.  Though I'm not sure how much
>influence I will have here after the project is done, I would like to
>conduct several special DX tests in December and
>January, and to issue a special DX certificate for the new 
>transmission facility.

Onko ALT joskus menneisyydessa ottanut kantaa, miten kauas aseman pitaa
muuttaa entisesta sijainnista, jotta kysymyksessa olisi
pistelaskennallisesti eri asema?!


Mauno Ritola