uusi dx-maa?
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uusi dx-maa?

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Vaikuttaakohan oheinen rec.radio.shortwavesta poimitussa jutussa kuvattu
suomalaiseen maalaskentaan?

>              New Radio Country?
>        Date: 
>              Wed, 27 Aug 1997 19:11:00 GMT
>        From: 
>              jxk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Joe Karthaus)
>              TotalNet Inc.
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>              rec.radio.shortwave
>A territory to be known as Nunavut was established under the Statutes
>of Canada 1993, Bill C-132, assented to on June 10, 1993. This Act
>shall come into force on or before April 1, 1999. 
>Nunavut consists of: 
>     all of Canada north of 60° N and east of the boundary shown on
>     the map below, and which is not within Quebec or Newfoundland;
>     and 
>     the islands of Hudson Bay, James Bay and Ungava Bay that are not
>     within Manitoba, Ontario or Quebec. 
>      for map   see