UNID "La Rancherita" on AM 1450
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UNID "La Rancherita" on AM 1450

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I picked up a Spanish-language station on AM 1450, which must be from the
U.S. or Mexico. It gave only the slogan "La Rancherita", which I haven't
found on any list. Can anyone help?

Based on conditions at the time (Nov. 25th 0735 UTC) and antenna
direction, U.S. East Coast is excluded, likely from the West or Midwest -
or Mexico. Heard using an NRD-535 with a 1000-meter-long beverage antenna
in Northern Finland. Played lots of Mexican music. I already phoned KGRE
Greeley CO, but the slogan is not theirs. Any help on this UNID is highly

Mika Makelainen     mtm@xxxxxxxxx