Power 612 vs. 999 Talk Radio
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Power 612 vs. 999 Talk Radio

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Mitenkähän näiden kanssa on, ovatko eri asemia? Kyselin jo HCDX:ssäkin, ja
näin Martin Elbe vastasi:

>No doubt two different stations. Different programming, different
>transmitter location, licensed by two different federal radio
>authorities. (They are located in two different federal states, Power
>612 is in Kiel, capital of Schleswig-Holstein, while Talk Radio is
>broadcasting from Ludwigslust, Mecklenbug-Vorpommern (also nicknamed
>Meck Pomm)). Only they are belonging to the same organisation. But as
>you count different CBS stations as separate ones, I don't see any
>reason not to do so in this case.

73, MR