New DXpedition report from Lemmenjoki now on the web!
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New DXpedition report from Lemmenjoki now on the web!

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The 132nd DXpedition to Lemmenjoki in Finland is now over. From November
15th to 22nd 1999, Mika Makelainen and Jim Solatie scanned the AM band,
using the ultimate DXing hardware in our traditional location, above the
Arctic Circle.

The DXpedition was relatively successful despite the rather high solar
activity. The most interesting part was listening to Asian stations in
the afternoons. Several stations, which have never before been logged in
Finland nor elsewhere in Europe, were identified. Aside from the
"normal" catch, our log also contains some interesting split
frequencies, new unlisted transmitters and some unidentified stations.

I have posted the DXpedition report at:

Naturally, you may also access it through my website "Freeze! DXing
Arctic Style" at:

By the time you are reading this, another crew is already busy in
Lemmenjoki. Their comprehensive logs will hardly be published on the
net. Therefore I hope that this report will offer DXers around the world
a peek into Finnish DXing and the DXpeditions of the season. I hope you
enjoy the report and find the log useful. I also hope you will return to
the site a few months from now, because we have a huge pile of unchecked
recordings and it is safe to say that dozens of rare stations will be
added to the log in the weeks and months ahead.

If you have any information on the stations which we were unable to
identify, both Jim and I would appreciate your comments. Of course, all
other comments are welcome as well.

Mika Makelainen