DXing on CNN - Again! Also for USA!
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DXing on CNN - Again! Also for USA!

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Good news for those of you who missed my report on Arctic DXing on CNN!
The story will be aired once more on "World Report" on Sunday, December
12th 1999, in most of the world, and early morning on Monday, December
13th, in the U.S. Here's the schedule:

0400-0500 UTC    (Sunday) in Asia
1300-1400 UTC    in Europe, Africa and the Middle East
1900-2000 UTC    in Latin America and CNNI-USA
0300-0400 Eastern Time (Monday!) on CNN domestic in the U.S.A.!

The Sunday show of the World Report is one hour in duration and contains
some of the best stories of the previous week. My piece on DXing will be
aired during the latter half hour of the show. Unlike the
Monday-to-Friday shows, this one is aired also in the U.S., so stay
tuned... again I hope that no "breaking news" will interrupt the show.

Mika Makelainen