Request from Russia
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Request from Russia

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Please respond directly to Mikhail if you will be able to help him with 1494 kHz. I don't get it here in Hayward.


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From: "Mikhail Timofeyev" <pcd00342@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: One request about 1494 kHz
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 12:26:41 +0300
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Dear Colleagues,

I will be very thankful if you or your club members will be able to help us
in some way or other. 

One of our mediumwave transmitters on 1494 kHz with a new wide diagram
shorten aerial system called "Bolshaya Zarya" in use at present with 258
degrees (from November 25th, 1999). We suppose that reception on this
frequency is more mediocre in western Europe now, but more good and stable
in Scandinavia or Baltic States. If you will listen medium-wave band in the
evenings in the coming time please will look through a 1494 kHz and then
tell us about the reception quality very shortly (if it is possible, with
simple portable receiver and its own ferrit or telescopic antenna in use).
We are especially interested in reports from various parts of Finland,
Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Baltic States. Our transmission on 1494 kHz is
from 1600 to 2200 UTC daily with Voice of Russia in English, Finnish,
Swedish and Norwegian (2000-2200 UTC time period is most interesting for

Our e-mail address is: pcd00342@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you in advance for any help.

Mikhail Timofeyev
St. Petersburg

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Risto Kotalampi, Hayward, California
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