[DX] Radio France -asemista France Bleue -asemia
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[DX] Radio France -asemista France Bleue -asemia

Radioactun sivuilta (www.radioactu.com) poimittu uutinen päivämäärällä
24.07.2000: (käännetty konekääntäjällä englanniksi:)

"It is next September 4 that Radio Bleue will take the appellation of France
Bleue, in the setting of the Bleue plan initiated last year by Jean-Marie
Cavada, CEO of the group, definitely. The 38 Local stations would have to
them also to change name to become France Bleue followed of the name of the
region on which they distribute (ex: France Bleue Nord). This reform aims to
give a strong identity in the local stations around a network of syndication
that will become the third pole of Radio France."

Radio France- ja Radio Bleue -asemista tulee siis yhdessä France
Bleue -niminen verkko. Tämä tietänee lisää raportoitavaa keskipitkille...

73 de PUL,
Pentti Lintujärvi, Helsinki, Finland
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