[DX] R Veritas via R Cidade
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[DX] R Veritas via R Cidade

Seuraava uutinen kaapattu netistä ja käännetty konekääntäjällä ranskasta
englanniksi - kyllä siitä selvän saa.

"A new anglophone catholic station, Radio operator Veritas, was to start to
emit in medium waves (OM), as from August 1, in direction of five countries
of Southern Africa, brings back Financial Gazette in an article of 20 July
taken again by Africanews. The diffusion aims in particular Zimbabwe, where
the capacity prohibits any private broadcasting. Radio Veritas has as a
director the father Emil Blaser. The emissions are programmed of 19. 30 at
20. 30 Tuesday, Thursday and saturdays. With the menu: music and discussions
on subjects of company. Radio Veritas is located in South Africa, but the
catholic chain will use the transmitter of the station lusophone Radio
Cidade, in Swaziland."

73 de PUL,
Pentti Lintujärvi, Helsinki, Finland
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