[DX] Vl: ALA100
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[DX] Vl: ALA100

tässä kokemuksia ALA100 antennista jotka Alan Gale ystävällisesti lähetti.

73 JP
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Lähettäjä: Alan Gale <alan.gale@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Vastaanottaja: jp@xxxxxxxxxx <jp@xxxxxxxxxx>
Päivä: 27. elokuuta 2000 19:39
Aihe: ALA100

>Hi Jarmo,
>Andy from Wellbrook asked me if I could send you a copy of my review
>of the ALA100, and I've attached a copy. The review was written about 
>two years ago when I used to edit the 'Beacons & Utes' column for the
>Medium Wave Circle, but it's still my number one antenna yet, and used
>all of the time, and I really do like it. 
>I use both the ALA100 and the ALA1530, but for LF work at least I mainly
>use the 1530 just for direction finding. The ALA100 is much 'quieter',
>and by that I mean that with a larger loop attached the amplifier is
>run with a lower gain and therefore generates less amplifier noise on
>weak signals. As you can imagine, when trying to hear very weak signals
>such as beacons (my main interest), lower noise is more important than 
>higher gain. Increasing the size of the loop produces greater input
>signal levels, and at present my loop is set up in a 'delta' confiuration,
>with a top section of 15 metres length, and two sloping sides of about 
>10 metres each, overall circumference about 35 metres. I haven't had any
>problems with using a loop this size, though if high powered broadcast
>signals are your main interest a smaller loop might be better and prevent
>overload problems. 
>I hope the review helps to explain my findings with the aerial a little 
>better, but if you do have any further questions that I might be able 
>to help with just let me know.
> Good listening and 73 for now.
> Alan.

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