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Alla Cumbren Hans Johnsonin selvittämänä vielä se, minkä pari viikkoa sitten sain itsekin tietää ja kerroin HCDX:ssä: Islanti ei ole vielä ollenkaan toiminnassa. Huomatkaa myös nyt päällekäiset lähetykset parilla taajuudella: esim. Havaiji on kuunneltava joko 6350:ltä tai sitten 10320:ltä n. aikavälillä 1600-2000. (Tietysti saattaa olla, että lähettävät eri ohjelmaakin ...)

73, Mauno

>Cumbre DX Special 314.2   October 4, 2000

>SITES AFTRS Shortwave Status I received some information today from
>Michael Foutch, Chief Broadcasting Specialist, concerning their shortwave
>relays.  Here it is-

>Key West 12689.5 (day/night) went on air in 1998
>Roosevelt Roads 6458.5 (day/night) went on air in 1998
>Sigonella 4993 (night) 10940 (day) started August 3rd
>Keflavik Equipment installed, but not on air, awaiting IDF approval [sic,
>Iceland Defense Forces? No freqs listed. Ed]
>Diego Garcia 4319 (night) 12579 (day) started on August 3rd
>Guam (Barrigada) 4319 (night) 10320 (day) started on August 24th
>Pearl Harbor (Lualualei) 6350 (night) 10320 (day) started on August 14th.

>"The switches from day and night are made at dusk and dawn from the location
>at which the signal originates.  Many stations relay programming, Hawaii is
>an example."

>"Check out the AFRTS website at www.afrts.osd.mil for links to many of our
>stations and contact emails and personnel.  However, please continue to
>direct QSL verifications through my address." [qsl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

>I followed up with Michael, asking him about the conflicts between this list
>and the one posted on the NPR site.  He responded by saying that the above was
>correct.  In particular, note that Guam and Diego Garcia both use 4319 and
>that Guam and Hawaii both use 10320 now. (via Johnson Oct 4)

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