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[DX] [Fwd: Cumbre DX Special 317.1]

Forwaan tämän suomalaiskuuntelijoidenkin iloksi, sillä nyt jos koskaan
on mahdollisuus parantaa wattisaldoa tehorankissa jenkkien osalta,
vaikka ei olisi koskaan Lapissa käynytkään.

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Cumbre DX Special 317.1   October 25, 2000

"Firstest with the Bestest"  http://www.cumbredx.org

Contributor Hans Johnson AZ

CANADA 6130 CHNX has reactivated after several months off the
air due to transmitter problems.  Reception reports are wanted.  They
also are working on a web site. Here is what station engineer Mark
Olson told Cumbre DX-

"We went back on the air last night 24 Oct at 10:00pm AST. We are
transmitting at only 40 Watts into a G5RV antenna at an elevation of 40
Feet. The transmitting site is located in Rockingham, a suburb of Halifax
and is 550 feet above sea level. Listeners to the East, in particular, the
UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany should be able to pick us up with
proper conditions. Our signal should also propogate to the south west
through the Mid west.
    Our program consists of Oldies and our announcers are MJ
Frank Cameron and Tony Smith. Frank and MJ are our breakfast crew and Tony
is on from 10:00am AST until 6:00pm.
    Our website will be updated to include CHNS, CHNX and our sister station
CHFX (country 101.9FM) Individuals, once the website is updated, will be
able to send their SWL reports online. The present mbsradio.com website
shows some of our other radio stations. It is hoped, that we may also
stream our broadcast online." (Olson via Johnson Oct 25)

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