[DX] DYKB Bacolod City
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[DX] DYKB Bacolod City

Tässä yhteystiedot DYKB:lle Bacolod Cityyn (1404 kHz). Aikaisemmin yhteystietoja ei ole ollut saatavilla,
mutta nyt tärppäsi suoraan paikanpäältä!
Dear Jim,
     Thank you for your letter dated October 15, 2000
which we received November 9, 2000 here at Sum-ag,
Bacolod City.  We are so happy upon knowing that RPN
DYKB can ge heard in your place as stated in you
letter and through your tape on air sent to us.
     Please be informed that we played the tape on air
in our public affairs program and at the same time
acknowledge you as our new friend and listener.
     Our staff particularly the news
and the production of RPN DYKB are so happy to have
you as one of our listeners in Finland.
     Kindly extend my warmest regards to all your
felow DX club members and also to yur family circle.
buddy ferrer