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KQDJ-1400 Jamestown, ND on ollut siivoamassa studionsa ja tuloksena hieno
vastaus, henk.koht. pitkä kirje sekä 2 CD-levyä, sekä mietteitä miten on
mahdollista että asema kuuluu Suomessakin. 

"We currently have 3 separate radio stations under our roof. We are owned
by Robert Ingstad Properties and have been since 1995. KQDJ originally
began in 1954 under the call letters of KEYJ. Then, around the year 1983,
different ownership was acquired and KEYJ became KQDJ. We have switched
formats and programming several times since then and currently we are
considered a news/talk format. We are live weekday mornings from 6:00 until
10:00+ am where we then pick up several satellite programs until Midnight.
We carry a farm program titled "Agri Talk" from 10:oo am to 11:00 am
weekdays. Then at 11:00 am until 2:00 pm we carry a political commentary by
the name of Rush Limbaugh. From 2:00 pm until Midnight we play music. This
format is called Adult Standard. It covers music mainly from the 1940's,
'50's and '60's with some music from the '90's thrown in for good measure. 


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