[DX] Vl: SWR's Christmas Programme on 24-25th December
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[DX] Vl: SWR's Christmas Programme on 24-25th December

Tässä tiedoksi myös suomalaiselle dx-kansalle SWR:n jouluohjelmasta 25. 12. 2000. Olkaa kuulolla, ketä kiinnostaa.

 Merry Christmas for all SWR friends!
 I just wanted to remind you about our Special transmission starting 24th
 December 22 UTC (Christmas Day 00 local time). We also have A SPECIAL TEST #3
 for our transatlantic listeners in North America as well listeners in Far
 East in Asia. We will turn our half wave dipole antenna toward 320 degrees
 at 22 UTC on Christmas eve and we turn it 220 degrees at 6 UTC, when
 reception in Europe is starting to be possible (If weather is bad, our
 technician refuses to climb into tower and test will be cancelled. In that
 case antenna direction will be at 220 degrees.).
 Our Frequency schedule for 25th December broadcast:
 22-00 UTC (24th December) 11690 kHz, 00-05 11720 kHz, 05-12 11690 kHz, 12-16
 11720 kHz, 16-20 UTC 1690 kHz, 20-22 11720 kHz
 Not much details for the programmes itself are not available at advance.
 Many of us are visiting airwaves during that day, but exact times are not
 very well known (Family reasons, etc. It's Christmas, you know.)

11-12 UTC Christmas Radio Roulette by DjMadman includes interviews of 
Santa Claus and a famous Finnish DX-er mr. Hannu Romppainen from Paltamo.
 And latest SWR radionews of course.
 At 20-21 UTC there is "Post Ludlum to Christmas - Jälkisoitto joululle."
 Music programme with interviews presented by Toni Collin, Juha Mäkinen, Tero
 Pasanen. This is the first part of series of radio shows presented by
 students of Polytechnic of Pirkanmaa's subsidiary in Virrat. Students will
 be hosting radio shows in SWR in January and February broadcasts.
 Mr Jari Perkiömäki have made very comprehensive reception forecast for us.
 Check your best reception time from our website.
 As usual, all reception reposts are most welcome. You can send it via our
 website www.swradio.net, by e-mail raportit@xxxxxxxxxxx, or via traditional
 mail: SWR/Reports, P.O. Box 35, 40321 JYVÄSKYLÄ, FINLAND. Please note: We
 CAN NOT verify reports without return postage of 2 USD or 2 IRC (correctly
 stamped.) This applies to also Finnish reports too! Reports via e-mail or
 our website can be verified in our website. (As you might already know).
 You can also call us by phone, our number +358 400 995 559 is on use during
 transmission. Also SMS -messages is welcome.
 Let's meet on 25 metres!
Alpo Heinonen/ Ville-Veikko Haikarainen
 Scandinavian Weekend Radio

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