[DX] Euro loggings by JMS
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[DX] Euro loggings by JMS

EURO LOGGINGS 31.10.-4.11.2001



567 1.11. 0620 RAI Emilia Romagna, Bologna. The only RAI station audible here this week. JMS

585 2.11. 0700 Tent. FIP Paris. Relaxing music, a lot of jazz. Mentioned Paris many times, also mentioned 'France Bleu de Paris'. Only station on the frequency on Friday and Saturday. JMS

648 1.11. 1610 DTRK Krym, Oktiabrske. Started local programme. JMS

657 1.11. 0620 RAI Veneto, Venezia. Clearly the strongest station on this frequency on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. JMS

657 2.11. 0629 + RAI Alto Adige, Bolzano. Was my fourth RAI local on this frequency. Now there is only Piemonte left. 'Abiamo transmisso Telegiornale Tre, Giornale Radio della Trentino Alto Adige'. JMS

666 2.11. 0530 SWR4 Bodensee Radio, Rohrdorf. A 4 minute local break with news, weather and traffic. JMS

819 2.11. 0620 RAI Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Trieste. JMS

837 1.11. 1430 Radio Bukovina, Chernovtsy. Local programme all evening long. Also audible on 1674 kHz, but very weak there. JMS

945 2.11. 2230 M'Toulouse, Toulouse. On Friday the programme was local, on Saturday just Le Mouv-relay. JMS

1062 2.11. 0544 Country Radio, Zbraslav. Stronger than Denmark this morning. Also on 1584 kHz. JMS

1080 1.11. 0510 Radio Mordoviya, Saransk now here! Usually on 1062. Is this a new frequency or just a temporary transmitter problem? JMS

1080 2.11. 2000 Radio Racja, Koszecin. JMS

1089 3.11. 0630 Radiotelevisione Shqiptar, Shijak. At first I thought this is a new Italian private station, because the language sounded a lot like Italian (except numbers), the tempo was so rapid and there were many commercials. A truly nice listening experience. JMS

1278 2.11. 0600 France Bleu Alsace, Selestat. First news in German, then local programme in Alsatian language, which is a mixture of German and French, thus sounding very funny. JMS

1350 2.11. 0455 MR Szolnok. Is very, very strong after Latvia has left the frequency. JMS

1359 1.11. 0545 Classic Gold 1359, Silton. Breeze was the dominant, this was under it. Id as 'Classic Gold 1359 Coventry and Warvickshire'. JMS

1368 2.11. 1357 Radio Valjevo, Valjevo. Good reception every evening at this time. JMS 

1475.58 2.11. 0556 Lviv, Ukraine starting transmission at this time. Very strong. Though the id is clear, I can not tell what it is. 'Hovorit Lviv, vasiri Teleradio Kompaniya ...'. It does not sound Nezzalezhnist nor Voskressniya. JMS

1476 3.11. 1401 Radio Briz, Sevastopol. JMS 

1485 2.11. 0605 AFN Würzburg. Started local programme today at 0549 after an AFN football game relay. Best reception quality at 0605 after AFN news. Very clear identifications 'AFN Würzburg'. JMS

1485 2.11. 0615 AFN Bavaria, Hohenfelts/Regensburg. Used both 'AFN Bavaria' and 'AM 1107 and 1485 the Big Gun' -identifications. Usually this was the dominant and Würzburg was under it. JMS

1485 2.11. 1500 BBC Radio Humberside, Hull. 'From the BBC Newsroom in Grimsby on 1485 AM, BBC Radio Humberside'. This station splits some news bulletins between 95,9 (Hull Newsroom) and 1485 (Grimsby Newsroom), thus giving two different points. JMS

1502,83 31.10. 1836 + Radio Zavidovici, Zavidovici. This nice Bosnian was a very difficult one. It was available occasionally in the evenings (if Iran did not destroy the frequency) and shortly in the mornings during the sunrise peak. A Yugoslavian station was on 1503.00 but I never bothered to listen to it (most likely Beograd). JMS

1584 1.11. 0604 Radio Popular, Iasi. Pro FM news ended at 0604, then local Popular-programme from Iasi. Station identification simply as 'Radio Popular', but mentioned Iasi in the weather report. Galati and Bistrita are almost impossible to hear nowadays, Iasi is so strong. JMS

1593 31.10. 1630 Antena Sibiului, Sibiu started local programme. Radio Cluj was the dominant and gave programme information at this time, misleadingly mentioning Antena Sibiului, too! However, the real Antena Sibiului was under it starting with an interwal signal and station identification some 40 seconds after the half hour tone. JMS

1593 31.10. 1658 Radio Tirgu Mures was the dominant now! JMS

1602 1.11. 1920 UNID with non stop hits only. Was pretty strong despite Egerszeg, but did not give any announcements, not even on the full hour. Played mainly pop in English, but also some Italian hits were played. JMS

Despite these European stations, the most thrilling moment was to experience F2 TV-conditions the very first time in my life. On Saturday, the 2nd November Thai TV on channel E2 (either Nakhon Ratchasima or Udon Thani transmitter) was seen very well with just an old portable tv and its telescopic antenna! What a moment! Felt like 20 years ago with my first overseas radio stations!

Jim Solatie

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