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[DX] R.Samorodinka


please excuse some words in English, below are the results of my
investigation into the license question of R.Samorodinka:

1. There is only ONE type of license for broadcasting in/from Russia (the
same license applies for state/private broadcasters, wireless/cable
transmissions), this license is clearly defined as being issued for
"broadcasting to a national, regional or local audience or to an audience

Broadcasting license #1 was issued on 3.4.1992 to a private TV company in
the Saratov oblast. In 1993, the highest issued broadcasting license number
was #445, issued on 19.12.1993 to "Avtoradio" in Moscow.

Broadcasting license #2244 was issued on 12.11.1996 for a 20 Watts private
TV-station in the small town Toropets in the Tver oblast.

The conclusion is that the license #02244 from 1993 claimed by
R.Samorodinka is not a broadcasting license, R.Samorodinka is not a
licensed broadcasting station. It is a hobby-pirate.

73s, Bernd

Vilnius, Lithuania
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