[DX] WICY, Oldies Radio 1490
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[DX] WICY, Oldies Radio 1490


Tällaiset vastaukset motivoivat lähettämään raportteja! 
Asema ehti toimia 53 vuotta ennen kuulumistaan Suomessa ...


----- Original Message ----- 
From: Scott Dalton <oldies1490@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <jim.solatie@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, November 26, 2001 1:03 PM
Subject: WICY, Oldies Radio 1490

> Mr. Solatie,
>      Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Scott Dalton.  I am in 
> fact the new Program Director (within a couple of months) of WICY.  Believe 
> me when I say it blew my mind to know that someone "out there" was listening 
> to Oldies Radio.  The tape you enclosed was indeed my station!
>      I am afraid I have no pictures from here, but I will be mailing out 
> some things for you and your family in a few short days.  Here in the 
> states, we just got done celebrating Thanksgiving.  And of course Christmas 
> is quickly approaching.
>      A few things about myself...I am 24 year old.  I just got married this 
> past October 20th.  I've been out of college for just over three years, and 
> my wife is in her second year in college at Clarkson University.  She is an 
> Accounting Business major.
>      As far as the station, Oldies 1490 has been broadcasting for about 54 
> years.  It started out as a 'hometown station, and later switched to an 
> Adult AC station.  During a recent ice-storm, which crippled Northern New 
> York, so many requestes came in for oldies music (once the phones were 
> repaired) that the format switched.  We now carry ABC Radio Pure Gold 
> satelite feed, and run a live morning show from 6-11 Monday-Friday, with 
> myself hosting.
>      I guess that's about it for now from this side of the screen.  As I 
> said earlier, expect a mailing to be sent out later this week, with a few 
> items of thanks for picking up our Hometown station, and for letting us know 
> you did.  Please give my best to your family, and to your radio listener 
> family Suomen DX-Kuuntelijat.
>      Thanks again Jim for your intrest in radio,
>           Scott Dalton
>           Program Director WICY 1490 AM
>           86 Porter Rd.
>           Malone, NY  12953

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