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Viime sahkopostiviestissa oli ilmeisesti virus!  Ei olisi pitanyt lahtea 
eteenpain, en aukaussut mp3 tiedostoa mutta jollakin tavalla koko viesti 
kayttaytyi kummallisesti. Olen nyt ottanut sen pois, ja ajanut NAV 
scannerin viimeisen version 28.11.2001 joka sanoi ettei tartuntaa mutta 
kuitenkin epailen etta siina oli jotakin.
Jokatapauksessa Radio Kharkov -vastasti kun vastasi monen yrityksen 
jalkeen, Ei ole enaa 1485 taajuudella.

From: 	oblradio[SMTP:oblradio@xxxxxxxxxx]
Reply To: 	oblradio
Sent: 	29. marraskuuta 2001 18:08
To: 	per-ole.stenman@xxxxxxxx
Subject: 	The confirm from Radio Kharkov

                        Dear Mr. Stenman!

   We have received both of your letters. Sorry, but we
coudn"t answer you earlier.
   We are glad to confirm the correctness of your report.
You really could listened to our Local Radio Station, Radio Kharkov,
on medium wave 1485 kHz=202 meters in the 8th of April 1995. We used
this frequency for our programs, but now we don"t beacause of
economical crisis.
   Let us tell you about our Local Radio Station. It"s the one of the
oldest ones in Ukraine. Next year we gonna celebrate "70-universary".
Nowadays, we take the FM wave of 67,13 MHz and 69,2 MHz, and our local
wire broadcasting.

   Friendly yours,

Sr. manager Valeriy Zaharchuk
Journalist Victor Shapravsky.

P.S. Unfortunately, we don"t have a QSL-card, so have to send you
     e-mail. Please, answer when receive the message.

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