[DX] Radio Norway International lopettaa
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[DX] Radio Norway International lopettaa

Bjane Melde lähetti seuraavan jutun; kirjoittaja Bernt Erfjord,  DX-Listener's Club, Norja:

"The Board of state broadcaster NRK yesterday decided on heavy budget cuts for 2002 to bring it in balance.  Some regional radio programmes will be merged, and all regional stations will have their budgets cut.  To an international audience, the most shocking news is that Radio Norway International will
be completely closed from Jan. 1st.  Transmitter costs are said to run to 40 mill NOK annually.  But NRK will have to negotiating with transmitter provider Norkring and also Radio Denmark to close at this time.  Norkring have a contract for running the transmitters until 31/12-2003. Radio Denmark have a contract with NRK for leasing of free transmission time for the same period.  So here some instant negotiations will have to be carried out!  
The staff of 7 at Radio Norway International have been informed that the station will not exist after Jan. 1st, and have been transferred to a "job-bank" for employment elsewhere in the broadcast organisation.  So it
seems the decition to end the foreign service is definite.  Veteran broadcaster Einar Lie will host the final programmes on New Years Eve.  
The decition also affects the 1.2 MW mediumwave transmitter at Kvitsoy Island (1314 kHz).  This is also planned to be switched off on new years eve, alongside the four SW-txs at Kvitsoy and Sveio.  The two sites employ a staff of 18 (13 at Kvitsoy, 5 at Sveio).  At the remote Kvitsoy Island, the station is a very vital employer, and a closedown will have great impact on the community. 
Time will show what will actually happen.  It seem definite that Radio Norway International will close by New Year, but to meet contracts with Norkring/DR, it is possible that the transmitters will continue to be on
air, but with only relay of some domestic programmes..."


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