[DX] EDXC Conference 2002
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[DX] EDXC Conference 2002

Laitan tämän varsinaisesti ulkomaille tarkoitetun puffin myös
suomenkieliselle listalle tiedoksi.


Risto Vähäkainu



Press Release 20.12.2001

Dear Radio Friends,

The Finnish DX Association is happy to welcome all DX-ers, shortwave
listeners, broadcasters and radio enthusiasts to attend the joint
conference of the European DX Council and the Finnish DX Association. The
conference is to be held 16th to 18th of August 2002 in the town of Pori,
located on the west coast of Finland.

Many of you may remember the DX conferences held in Finland in 1987 and
1992. Those have been the biggest DX conferences ever in Europe and they
are also widely regarded as maybe the best ones. Our intention is to put
up a similar conference providing a wide selection of items covering
hard-core-dx on AM and FM, shortwave listening and international shortwave

The radio hobby will be the key topic of the conference. The venue is the
Spa Hotel Yyteri about 20 kms outside the town of Pori, and most items
will take place in the hotel. Of course a visit to the YLE shortwave
transmitter center only 15 kms away will be organised. The Spa Hotel
Yyteri is located on one of the most beautiful sand beaches of Finland
offering  an excellent forum for tourist activities for you and also for
your companion. There are good connections to Pori from other major cities
of Finland and a frequent bus service from the center of Pori is available
to Spa Hotel Yyteri.

Like said, this conference will concentrate on the hobby itself. Unlike
recent EDXC conferences tourist matters will only have a side-role. Yet,
we are planning to provide a trip to Tallinn, Estonia after the
conference, if enough interest will be paid for this opportunity.

Another thing also differs from the recent EDXC conferences, and it is the
prices! The prices have not yet been fixed (Finland will move to Euro
currency in less than two weeks from now), but for example one night in
the hotel in a double room will be around 40 Euros (240 FIM) / person
(including seaview, breakfast and the spa). And for those looking for
still cheaper lodging there is a good camping area only 300 metres from
the hotel with various kinds of huts, a good caravan area and tent places.
The conference price will most likely be less than 100 Euros (600 FIM)
covering welcome reception and the banquet. We know that coming over to
Finland will be expensive to many of you, but we hope that our conference
with its reasonable pricing will help you in budgeting your trip to

As the work of the organising committee (with Risto Vahakainu as chairman)
continues next year, we'll provide more information about the conference
through e-mail and newsgroups, and of course through a www link. Until
then you are welcome to use Risto's private e-mail for your questions:

With season's greetings we wish you all welcome to Finland next year!

The Finnish DX Association (FDXA)

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