[DX] KVRI 1600
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[DX] KVRI 1600

Hyvää Joulua!

Ohessa taajuuden 1600 uusi länsirannikkodominantti. Yötehoa massiiviset 10
kW, suunnattuna suoraan Suomeen!!! Mika (MTM) bongasi tämän ensimmäisenä
6.12. kesken Aasia-kelien. Aluksi luulimme ryömähtäneeksi AIR-asemaksi,
mutta totuus paljastui aikanaan. Kuului myös 7. ja 8.12.



Dear Jim,
Thank you for the letter and nice card.  We received another letter from
a fellow who heard us in Lapland, too.  I presume it is your friend.
KVRI 1600 is so new we are just in the process of finalizing our
application to the FCC for a commercial license.  The programming you
heard was during our testing period.  The programming we have been
broadcasting is entirely East Indian in the Punjabi language.  We
receive the programs via Satellite from Vancouver, Canada, which has a
large East Indian population.  We anticipate the same format when we
begin operating commercially sometime in January(we hope).  I will be
happy to send you some printed material when it's available.  We don't
even have stationery yet for KVRI.
KVRI studios and transmitter are co-located with KARI 550AM in Blaine,
Washington.  KARI has been on the air for 42 years and is all Christian
talk programming.  KARI is 5kw Day/2.5KW Night directional both day and
night.  KVRI is 50KW day/10KW night directional day and night.  KVRI
uses a 6 tower array both day and night, 4 of which are diplexed with
KARI during the nighttime operation and 2 diplexed during daytime
Mike Gilbert, our chief engineer says he will also write to you.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Gary Nawman
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