[DX] Cesky Rozhlas Ostrava 846
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[DX] Cesky Rozhlas Ostrava 846

Näin hienosti vastasi Cesky Rozhlas Ostrava 846 viikon sisällä raportin lähettämisestä!
Napatkaapa jouluna tämä kiva paikallisasema kansioon!
Dear Jim,
I am very pleased to confirm that you really heard our radio station Cesky rozhlas Ostrava. We are regional public radio station which ranks among 10 regional public radios operating in the Czech Republic. Enclosed I am sending you a brief information about our station. It is very nice for me to find out that our broadcasting is acceptable even in Finland and I really admire all DX - listeners which have such a exciting hobby.
I wish you and your beatiful family Merry Christmas  and Happy New Year. I hope that next year the Czech Republic and Suomi teams will play the final match of the World´s Ice Hockey Championship.
You are cordially welcomed to the Czech Radio Ostrava if you visit our country. You can meet here many interesting people. For example - one of my sports reporters  Alpo Pivovarci is a son of your famous hockey coach Alpo Suhonen. So, many thanks for your nice letter and picture and give my best greetings to our colleagues from YLE Radio.
Yours sincerely
Igor Horvath
Station Director