[DX] Fwd: To our dear listener
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[DX] Fwd: To our dear listener

Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 18:39:05 +0200
From: English Program <englishprog@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: To our dear listener
To: VesaHeikkila <ves@xxxxxxxxxxx>

We would like to inform you that as of l4th December 2003, The English Programme to Europe will be transmitted on the Hot Bird Satellite in addition to our usual Meter Band ( 31m ) and Frequency ( 9990 K.Hz ) at usual Time ( from 21.15 GMT to 22.45 GMT ).
 You can receive our transmission on :
         Satellite direction 13ú  to the East
         Frequency 12.539 Giga Hertz
         Satellite diameter 60 cm
We hope to receiving letters and reception reports, informing us of the quality of our transmission.
 We wish you happy and enjoyable listening.
                                     With all best wishes from
                                     The English prog. to Europe,
                                     Radio Cairo, P.O.Box 566
                                     11511- Cairo,Egypt.

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